Introduction Of Anydesk Software Free Download :

Anydesk Software is a remote desktop software those provide a user access another desktop from different place,one computer can control other computer  and share data. This Software Free Download very good and easily way to share files and data .

This is the best remote access application to helps work and access the data and files able to work with office documents, video editing, graphics and more.This software is provides four plans: Free,Lite,Professional and Enterprise.

Anydesk Software Free Download

Anydesk Software Free Download four plan version:



3.Power Plan


Lite Version of Anydesk Software: 

plan provides for small business with great features.  It’s offered you for one user and one device. This plan gives you permission to File Transferring, Remote Printing, Unlimited Endpoints, Auto-Discovery and more. In this plan  you can access mobile to pc. You have to pay $10.99 per month for this plan.

Professional version of This Software:

 plan given for medium-sized business with more users and multiple devices. It’s has more features like Session Logging, Custom Client,Extra users, Trace Book. You have to pay $20.99 per month for this plan.

Power plan Version Anydesk Software Free Download : 

Power plan gives you unlimited Sessions Extra Users, Mobile to PC Remote Control, Trace Book and more. This plan give you big opportunities and features for Organization. If you control a organization than this plan best for you because it’s give you unlimited sessions.For this plan you have to pay $52.99 per month.

Free Version of Anydesk Software Free Download:  

Version is provides free ministry only for personal, not for commercial purpose. This plan given you get excellent access to other computers with best speed without delay.

In this article we talk about AnyDesk free version downloading and installation.

How to Download and Installation Anydesk Software Free Download:

  1. Click on the “Download “button and get download link and download takes few moments.
  2. If downloading complete , just double click on the download file .
  3. You can get Run program in your download file, select and run it.
  4. That’s it fished.
  5. Than you can find two section in the window once This Desk and another is Remote Desk
  6. This Desk :This Desk box address is your current remote address of your computer. By this  address anyone can access your computer and can share and transfer data .
  7. Remote Desk : This box use when you access others computer. Enter another Desk ID and connect with this computer and you can control this computer from your computer.

Requirements for Anydesk Software in your device:

  • Minimum RAM or Memory 1GB
  • Dual core processor
  • Graphics card allowed
  • Single core system
  • Anydesk uses 60 fps rendering
  • Force Mirror Driver


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